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Welcome to my little part of the world wide web.
Living in a small town in Pennsylvania with five German Shepherds, August , Tori, Roman, Sofia and Rey.

By day I work as a CSR.

Often I think about the journey and I remember a critique partner that once told me before your pen ever touches paper, there must be the ability to tell a story. I remember long ago sitting in church and when the priest asked if anyone had something to tell him. Indeed, I volunteered I told the entire congregation about my brother and how he pee’ d like a whale. I know I got a few laughs, but once my nunny got wind of what I did. She stated there was a place and time to tell those kinds of stories.

My writing journey would start with a dream about a young girl living in the dark ages who is despite to find her way back to home to her brothers. Look for that story very soon called When the Wind Blows.

La mia famiglia